We are a company specialized in Audio and Video products.

For over 10 years we give life
to countless projects and dreams

Each step is important and directly influence the quality of the work.
Understand step-by-step how a project is done with Artifacts.

The Company
Artifacts Film

We are able to deliver all types of projects.

We do not differentiate between large and small projects.
Everyone receives the same professional treatment of dedication and commitment.

Skilled Teams

Our teams are highly qualified and ready to deal with any challenge that may come during the course of your production.

Last Generation Equipment

We have at our disposal the latest equipment on the market, ready to meet the needs of our customers.

Physical Structure

We have our headquarters in São Paulo, as well as two more production bases to aid our post-production projects.


We give full support from the beginning to the end of each production. We offer help and practical solutions to meet the needs of each project.

Quality Control

Artifacts is a patented brand and we prioritize the high quality in all the products that bears its name.

Linked to ANCINE

The ANCINE's certificate not only enables us to advertise in Brazilian Television, but also attests our expertise in the field.

Our Experience
Artifacts Studio


Filming on location or in studios for all types of projetcs, artistic, promotional and institutional.

Artifacts Animation


Digital 2D/3D, traditional, stop motion and mechanical. Techniques for an entire project or just a part of one.

Artifacts Audio


Original soundtracks, capture, voiceovers, jingles, mixing and effects for audiovisual projects.

Artifacts Photography


Photos for events, architecture and gastronomy. Or inside studio, aerial and underwater.

Artifacts Content


Screenplay, technical script, storyboard, formatting and research for large and small projects.

Artifacts Post Production


Video editing, sound editing, authoring, processing, color grading and outputting to any kind of media.